Help me please, someone out there who can translate/interpret or read these symbols!

I don't know what it means!!!!

if you do know please contact me!!!

It's been appearing in my head. when I close my eyes!!!

I just received the 7th today...

I'm drawing with as much precision as possible.
The symbols are actually geometrical when I look at them with my eyes closed.

The first symbol looks like it's part of a spring, it starts from the left, curves down, makes an almost circular shape and back up to the right. but this curve back up to the right is above the left.

The second symbol is an incomplete isosceles triangle, with the opening on the top left hand corner. Otherwise, it looks like an arrow pointing down.

The third symbol is an incomplete isosceles triangle, with the opening on the bottom left hand corner. And one of the sides of the triangle is part of a quadrant of a circle.

The fourth symbol is two vertical parallel lines with a quadrant joining them.

The fifth symbol is two diagonal lines, at about 45degrees to the quadrant in the center, leading to the quadrant and out of the quadrant.

The sixth symbol reminds me of the third, but with a spiral tail moving inwards drawing two circles before ending and pointing to the west.

The Seventh Symbol that I've received today, is a diagonal stroke up from the bottom left to the top right, a quadrant backwards and downwards to the left, a diagonal straight line from the top left to the bottom right and ending with a quadrant backwards and downwards to the left. The symbol does not loop back. The tail ends inwards rather than outside the point where the symbol starts.

I do not know of when I got the others, I didn't take note of when I got them. I could only remember 12th Feb 2009 for the second as I was preparing flowers for Valentine's Day this year.

The Sixth symbol was on the 1st of July, and the Seventh symbol is today 2nd of July.

Eighth symbol on 6th July and Ninth symbol on 8th July